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Fully mature seven-celled stage of the Arabidopsis thaliana female gametophyte. The female gametophyte of a transgenic line carrying the multicolour fluorescent reporter system developed by S.J. Lawit et al. (Plant Reprod. 26, 125-137) expresses four different fluorescent cell fate markers: the synergids are coloured green, the egg cell is coloured red, the central cell is coloured blue, and the antipodals are coloured yellow. Image kindly supplied by Dmytro S. Lituiev, Christof Eichenberger and Ueli Grossniklaus (University of Zürich, Switzerland).
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Biochemical Society Transactions captures the exciting science presented at the Biochemical Society Annual Symposium and Focused Meetings and Independent Meetings supported by the Society as a series of mini-reviews.
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