Biochemical Society Transactions

Unravelling Nature's Networks

Systems biology markup language: Level 2 and beyond

A. Finney, M. Hucka


The SBML (systems biology markup language) is a standard exchange format for computational models of biochemical networks. We continue developing SBML collaboratively with the modelling community to meet their evolving needs. The recently introduced SBML Level 2 includes several enhancements to the original Level 1, and features under development for SBML Level 3 include model composition, multistate chemical species and diagrams.

  • collaboration
  • language
  • model
  • network
  • simulation
  • standard


  • Unravelling Nature's Networks a Biochemical Society Focused Meeting held at University of Sheffield, 21 July 2003

  • Abbreviation used: SBML, systems biology markup language.