TableĀ 1 Multi-color SMLM studies conducted in bacteria
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The table is structured as follows (left to right): (1) number of (SMLM) colors used, (2) investigated microorganism in alphabetical order, (3) live, live/fixed or fixed study, (4) applied fluorophore combination sorted by sequential read-out order or excitation wavelength for parallel read-out, (5) biological targets, (6) targeting method; ectopic addition: an additional copy of the POI gene with tag sequence is introduced into the organism by chromosomal integration at another locus, replacement: fusion replaces the POI gene at original locus under the original promoter, (7) SMLM method; DaStPuRe: dark state pumping and recovery, illumination with high laser power forces the fluorophores into a dark state, (8) comments to imaging procedure, (9) references (* highlights studies that are represented in Figures 2 and 3).